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Posibolt Solutions Pvt Ltd.is providing superior IT and related services to the clients all over the world for efficiently managing the implementation process of cloud based ERP, on-demand ERP, online ERP, CRM software and web application for different industrial verticals, serving domestic as well as international sectors.
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Trading and Distribution

Improve sales by providing mechanisms to improve interaction with customers and easily configure discounts and special offer; reduce bad debt by setting appropriate limits for credit, put checks and balances in cash handling and much more

Sales screen optimized for fast entry and checkout resulting in reduced queues

Select customer with Name, Phone No. or Loyalty No. See quick overview of relationship with the customer.

View cost of product , qty in stock and limit price to see how much discount can be given.

Configure promotions which get automatically applied during sales.

Support for sending and revising Quotations, and setting approvals for sending quotations and sales orders.

Set alerts for discounts given, automated thank you SMSes to customers etc.

Control from your head quarters

Though Posibolt is designed to work effectively in a disconnected mode (especially for sales), it is still possible to control all operations from HQ.

  • Set alerts on network disconnection for long periods from any sub location
  • See up to the minute statistics for any shop which is accessible on the net.
  • Monitor employee attendance from HQ
  • Create master entries, set price lists, promotions, customer credit limits etc. from the HQ and have them automatically pushed to all locations.
  • See these summarized by region or across all shops.
  • Set alerts for any operation which is beyond normal bounds.

Use data to grow your
profits and business

  • Increase your bargaining power with vendors
  • Reduce the working capital by decreasing stock requirements in central warehouse as well as stores
  • Identify slow moving items to dispose off and fast moving items with high margins to increase sales of same.
  • See trends across stores and geographies, product categories, customers etc.
  • Build custom reports as needed for your business
  • Get the most important data that need to be reviewed on a daily basis on your dashboard, as soon as you login.

Ultimately money matters

Get P&L, Balance sheet and Trial balance with multiple charts of accounts for statutory filing, for MIS reports, for different countries etc.

Allocate landed cost by weight, volume, value or quantity to include various additional costs like customs,  freight, loading/unloading

Track PDCs, print cheques, get alerts on PDC and payment/receipt due dates, …

Track accurate costing based on average PO or FIFO methods

Bank account reconciliations, tax filings etc. made easy

Track various expenses by category

Complete solution for your business !

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