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5 Tips to Reduce Queues at Billing Counters

Sherif Kottapurath, CEO Posibolt

Despite all the advancements we have achieved on the technology front, delays at the billing counters at retail stores is still a common scene. In this situation the staff is helpless and hence ready with a standard answer, “We have a Technical Issue”. More often than not these issues are avoidable with the right system design, comprehensive functionality, proper setup and training, all this leads to accurate and timely billing. Below are some practical tips to ensure queue reduction and enhanced customer satisfaction.

To achieve the objective the following areas need to be focused on priority

  1. Intuitive User Experience
  2. Application Configuration and Optimization
  3. Master Data Correctness
  4. Training
  5. Configuration of Hardware Devices and Network Bandwidth

Tip 1: Intuitive User Experience

  • Have minimal number of clicks and traversals to screens
  • Standard usage of Hotkeys across the application
  • Quick Login and Logout
  • Touch Sensitive Screens
  • The Right color combinations for easy differentiation

Tip 2: Application Configuration and Optimization

  • Support for multiple options that address the normal and exceptional scenarios
  • Setting the Right Defaults for the application
  • Seamless Integration with data capture and recording devices

Tip 3: Master Data Correctness

  • Product Masters which are accurate and upto date
  • Pricing Information which is latest, accurate which also includes the right promo and discounts
  • Stock Information – no ghost stocks and outages
  • Defining SKUs correctly and giving unique [bar]codes to the same
  • Customer master with loyalty number and correct contact information

Tip 4: Right Training

  • Familiarity and Awareness of the functionality
  • Mastery of the frequent used functionality

Tip 5: Systems Configuration

  • Optimum Configuration of Hardware Devices going by the recommendation of the vendor
  • Fast Network Bandwidth

To know more about how Posibolt can help you to save time at the counters and have more satisfied customers do visit our website www.posibolt.com or talk to our representative at the numbers mentioned in the contacts section of the website.

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